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A Journey Down Route 66
Explore The world’s most famous highway – Route 66 – with noted
author and ‘road warrior’ Michael Wallis. This is the original, 90
minute documentary on the famed highway, The Mother Road, a
nostalgic, state by state tour down the noted chain of asphalt and
concrete that stretches more then 2400 miles, through eight states
and three time zones, from Chicago to Los Angeles.
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Route 66 Movie - Journey Down Route 66

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  1. I Live on the Eastcoast in Hartford Ct this documentary about Route 66 have Me Mesmerise I Am Virginia born so I know the feel of the South but the Southwest never heard much about 66 just a little until Now . I feel Pride and have honor for the Women and Men who traveled Lived and Died on Route 66 I have never been in any of the 8 states 66 past through. But I Feel sad for the Old Road

  2. 66 has always been near me as I was born just a couple of blocks of route 66 . I got to travel some of it in the mid 60s as a kid when it was still so kool and the bright lights and attractions were still there . The union members being murdered is not at all well known here .

  3. Been awhile since Mike has been a road warrior or hit the road for much more than a Sunday drive in Oklahoma from what I hear. His famous run, forever remembered in his 1990s book, is now almost 30 years ago. His POV book, and Tom Snyder's "searching For Route 66' a few years later both gave us the best overall accounts of the road before the revival hit. And, I always figured, sparked the wanderlust in us all and led to that revival around the world. Snyder passed away back in the 90s. His book remains. Advise all to get it on Amazon. Snyder was from Illinois and a leader in the efforts to remember 66 in that state. I've never met Mike but did meet and knew Snyder a bit.

    Mike is one of the few Route 66 writers who also writes about the real people and history of the road more than most. His backstory on the road in Kansas and the bloody labor strife there is the best.

  4. I'm not sure people understand that depending on tourism is a deadly thing. I live near US 41 that runs from Chicago to Miami. Numerous interstates replaced it, and many small towns were isolated, however most of those small towns looked for industry to replace the tourist business. I'm afraid that wasn't possible on many sections of Route 66 because the areas are arid or desert. Also the number of people who travel from Chicago to LA are mostly by airplane, bus, or train. Whereas I-75 is the busiest interstate in the USA. Very close is I-95 from New York to Miami. There are many more people living in the Eastern half of the USA than from Chicago to LA.

  5. Well… looks like in interesting documentary, but it's not available at the link, nor does "The Entertainment Group" have a way to buy it (just says "contact us"), and the only thing on Amazon is a used VHS tape. Guess I'm not buying a copy.

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