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Sammy “The Bull” Gravano shares about his experience with Patsy Conte, and exposes John Gotti’s heroin scam.


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Sam The Bull Gravano - EXPOSED: John Gotti's Heroin Scam | Sammy "The Bull" Gravano

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  1. theres a story about this guy in canada somewhere, i forgot his name, i don't know if its true but it was the word on the street back then, this guy was a lebanese, and he opened up a bunch of places where you could buy falafel and their kind of food, but it was like a profitable fast food joint, pretty popular, well the rumor was that this guy was also bringing in heroin and dealing it or whatever he did, but he did it real quiet, and he never got caught and then he just became legit. I don't even think they have those stores anymore.

  2. Thank you so much for all these stories , they’re hilarious , scary heartbreaking and heartwarming. You really have a sense of honor and loyalty. I would love to have been working for you, if only for the stories and camaraderie. Now all of us can hear the stories and be part of your family ! God Bless you sir

  3. John Gotti brother Gene Gotti went down for years for heroin sales. A guy conejo from Mexican Mafia in the feds were paid to be Genes enforcer. He also said Gene had a guy with him who was from Italy who didn't speak english. The heroin was imported from France.

  4. Heroin and other drugs are the main downfall of all organized crime in the end. The greed factor combined with the feds flipping everyone destroys every criminal organization eventually. Ask Carlo Gambino about his drug policy. YOU DEAL. YOU DIE. but they always take the cash. Hippocrit mafioso. Whats the world coming too ???

  5. Hi Sammy have a question. wasn't the Pizza Connection associated with Bonanos with Carmine Gilante. You know Gilante. Basically the acting boss that took over the Bonanos when he got out of prison. Carmine hired a team of zips , which was for his protection because he knows he had a lot of enemies. Gilante didn't trust nobody except the old country.. So he hired an army of zips. Which technically the commission couldn't control . Remember if you deal you die so Carlo gambiano all the rest of them in the commission made the decision to take him out . I always wondered who did it. The Zips and Gambino's dealt with Carmine together. You telling me that operation was still going on even after Gilante got knocked off. And yous guys with Neil back-in-the-day as underboss you guys somehow took over. Wow.. .. Gambinos definitely has something to do with it. Alright thank you I just figured that out. You smart Sammy always give a little crumbs and little clues and stuff…. you got to put together yourself the puzzle and figure it out. GILANTE was too dangerous.. his downfall was greed but the commission took on permanent vacation because mouth he was a killer who hired a lot of people from Sicily. Too much heat gilante had to go away . Neal and the Gambino's was part of that equation .they couldn't control the zips they're off the books and I didn't know who you guys were. Some of them they did mostly did not. they made the right move..

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