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Sam The Bull Gravano – Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano betrays the mob

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Sammy the Bull was an underboss in the Gambino crime family. He flipped and testified against John Gotti after reaching a deal with the feds.

This is 1992 archival FOX 5 News coverage of Gravano’s future after the guilty verdict in the train against The Teflon Don.

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Sam The Bull Gravano - Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano betrays the mob

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  1. Neil Delacroce was a weak ass boss. He should’ve had Gotti and Ruggerio killed for bad mouthing the boss, dealing drugs and running around acting like total schmucks. Neil had zero balls and turned his head to Ruggerio and Gotti bad mouthing the boss and dealing drugs because he was getting paid drug money from these two schmucks. Castelano should’ve had all three of them whacked and all would’ve been good. He would’ve done other mafia families a favor as well as it was known that Gotti was hated by everyone outside of his crew of drug dealers. On the other hand it was greedy Pauls fault for accepting money from the Gotti crew and not investigating where it was coming from. He most likely knew that it was drug money and simply turned his head like Neil. Never heard a single word of Sammy in the media until he got linked to the King of Blabber Mouths Gotti’s crew of drug dealers and people expect Sammy to take the fall for this crew of schmucks

  2. WHAT THE F???? TAKE THIS dokumentet facktTO THE BANK. Gotti Sr. Was a Cosa nostra Smerf i fucked his wife non stop and you MF think you know. Favara i did him. Not many People know this. But every time John G. Was in prison he was The biggest joke in history. Go Sammy hip hip hurra for The Bull

  3. Sammy tells some good stories. But , WTF ?!
    HE became a Tremendous RAT ! & HE was an "Underboss"!
    Now he makes money on You Tube ! How fast people can forget what a "Lowlife" thing he did.
    And to top that off he's making money "Hand over Fist" with his stories. Then he says Gotti Sr. wanted him to take a plea , take the weight so Gotti can get out ! Who in there right mind would believe a "Fable" like that !?!
    Gotti NEVER believed in taking Pleas ! So that's BULL CRAP ! He's trying to make it seem that Gotti "Forced his Hand" !
    Gotti took his medicine LIKE A MAN !
    That's what bothers me the most ; Gravano making up such a Ridiculous Story that Gotti wanted Gravano to take the weight so Gotti can get out ! Because he's the Boss !
    That STORY is so Far – Fetched ! If you believe that B.S. Story , I got a bridge to sell you. That STORY is designed to "Justify" Gravano turning on Gotti !
    Bottom line : Gravano Ratted Out Gotti because he wasn't man enough to do the time ! But WHEN he was out there clipping people left & right & making money hand over fist , it was all peachy , huh Sammy the Lamb !? When it was time to pay the piper you folded like an umbrella !
    And now you got the AUDACITY to make money hand over fist by telling your "Overblown" stories on your PODCAST !
    Michael Franzese NEVER put anyone in jail ! You put 100's of Made Men in prison ! And by the way , Cosa Nostra Does Not Use the Word "BRO" when they speak like you do ! And you yelled at Michael telling him Cosa Nostra "Doesn't talk like the way he talks" !
    But it's ok for you to talk like Dope using "BRO" when you talk !
    You're an opportunistic "LYING HYPOCRITE" !

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