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Sam The Bull Gravano – Sammy Gravano : Gambino Mafia Underboss – Full Documentary

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Sam The Bull Gravano - Sammy Gravano : Gambino Mafia Underboss - Full Documentary

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  4. I love how government acts outraged that someone would kill for personal gain yet governments are THE biggest most sophisticated criminal organisations on the planet and rely on killing and extortion and intimidation for financial gain

  5. Sammy was the real deal, gotti should of never been made boss he's the reason it all crumbled because he liked attention and was to flash. Can't blame sammy for flipping gottis mouth caused their arrest then he wanted sammy to take the rap

  6. Gotti drew 1st blood then tried to get sammy to eat shit with the lame ass reason for it. As far as the families going after Sammy for money, I think it's a bitch move. Sammy ain't no saint, but he only killed those who were also killers. Maybe if he has to pay up he could let the families of the victims his associates killed. They know what the life is about, they willingly and greedily agreed to join and go down that path. I feel no remorse for them.

  7. I find it funny how the victim's families want Sammy The Bull to pay for what he done, but those victims were also mob associate . LOL When that sister saying " someone father, someone brother and so on" I'm thinking wow you make them sound innocent. Let put it different perceptive , What if those victims were told to kill Sammy The Bull, you don't think they wouldn't? lol Hey the families need to know they all chose that life and that what the price they pay for.

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