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  1. That's false, Kenneka never made it to the lobby with them and no one was panicking. Yes they were lightly looking for her but I think she was lead to another hotel room. Someone thick put on her clothes and walked through the hotel. Whomever did something to her placed her in the freezer when they were done. So many people were involved in this murder and the footage was tampered with. This is just my observation of what I think happened but this case is like unsolved mysteries. There's definitely foul play involved. I don't understand why anyone would target this girl.

  2. its common sense on what happened in that room and where she ended up at she was straight up drugd or she couldnt handle the liquor and when she kept walkn around and couldnt find a way out and when she went in that door and it locked behind her she couldnt get out and fell asleep and died, but if she never got drunk/drugd she wouldnt of been in that position the ppl that brung in the liquor and watever else should get charged.the minute she got drunk they was responsible for her.

  3. I believe Kenneka will reveal what happened to her Thru you guys on here. People have screwed up this investigation on purpose. I believe she will not rest until her real story is heard. I believe that hotel will always be haunted by her spirit until people do the right thing. #j4k❤️

  4. If decided to leave at 3:30 and called Keneka's mom about 4:30.. she would've only been missing for less then an hour, yet they told her mom she'd already been missing for over 2 hrs.
    I remember this when it happened, I'm not sure what to believe besides the one fact that her friends should NEVER have left her and I always wondered why BOTH had to go up and leave her behind..
    Edit: I'm only 5-10 mins into this video but didn't wanna forget what I was thinking

  5. This case could be based upon jealousy I agree totally but tbh none of her friends were ugly young ladies so that would be crazy for them to had been jealous of her because sometimes men just like a certain type of woman. And maybe God rest her soul kenneka was just the female who could get any guys attention. But I’ve heard besides the fact of jealousy that it could have been a gang Initiation and being targeted for organ harvesting which is big money in the black market.

  6. okay I see why you blaming a hotel for not helping immediately but there's also her friends fault for leaving her there her friend should have never left or did whatever they did for this to happen it falls on her friends too because they rode there with her and I don't know what you talking about it is foul play what if that was one of your loved ones with all the information you gave you would think something happened to her too when she was killed so let's stop being stupid about what really happened somebody killed her and try to hide the body

  7. thirdly I believe everything you said happened all that night I believe her friend said her up I believe somebody at the hotel seeing she was drunk I believe somebody spiked her drink or gave her some narcotics and they took advantage of her and they killed her I feel like they're friends knew something and they too scared to say something or they might not even been her friend

  8. I personally dont think anyone was responsible for this one. I just think she strayed into that freezer, and couldnt get back out in her drunken state. Some people claim that others followed her in their, and that they might have hid from the cameras or something, but i think she stumbled there on her own….otherwise her follower would have been right there with her. Those kids definitely wouldnt have thought to avoid the cameras.

  9. I’m a spiritual person and this situation has scared me from day one. Your coverage is amazing by the way. But yea something occurred. Like others how would she know to open the door? How was she able to walk around in that state and no staff or other guest see her and ask if she needed help? Was there a door off camera to that kitchen? It’s crazy that a good detective was not on the case to look into these things

  10. Such a tragic story … history shows that authorities don't consider POC a priority. It is absolutely disgusting how the police and the hotel handle this case. Let a white woman become missing and it's national news. I pray her family finds some peace.

  11. What ppl don't realize is that her lawyer said that she was locked in there by a employee and that they saw the video of the employee that did it for reasons unknown. So there you go ladies in gentleman she was locked in there. Pls look at the video where the lawyer is talking about this freezer locks form the outside. The freezer y'all see is not the same freezer she was found in. The picture they showed in court is a completely different freezer you guys are seeing on the video. I think they used that to narrate the story there liking.

  12. To me this case was one of a whole lot of negligence. Her friends left her alone despite how clearly altered she was, the hotel was so shockingly negligent in not even checking the cameras themselves and saying 'we'll send security to check the kitchen we have her on camera walking into', (I mean for all we know she could have been saved even if she'd been in there a while) the police just did not care at all, didn't give a damn.

    But I don't think this poor girl was murdered. I think maybe someone indirectly caused her death by either spiking her drink or encouraging her to take a pill that enhanced the effects of her drink but beside that indirect action it just doesn't seem to me like there's much evidence of her murder. Her limited undressing hits me more like she began to feel the paradoxical 'heat' and began to undress but given she was likely panicking by then, while still being dangerously inebriated, (I hesitate to say drunk because I dont think thats all she was) its possible she just fainted/passed out and from there she was doomed.

    The friends…I honestly think her friends went back to get in another drink and dance and whatever and left her because she was obviously fucked, thats why their stories are odd. I think the hotel….maybe it's just a shady place in general and lets some shady shit go down and just wasn't willing to invite too much attention by showing their cameras to people, police are…they pick and choose when to care and they did not care about this poor young woman who had so much going for her.

    That said I fully understand her familys feeling something is just so off. I do believe its just a lot of failures by different people and systems but when enough of those line up it will start to feel intentional.

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