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This project required lots of trial and error, so I’ve tried to provide a walk-through of all the places you can alter a bra sewing pattern. I sewed this project in two parts: the first attempt did not work out at all and I had to regroup and start over after more research and some bra sewing classes. The first part of the video covers supplies and those initial mistakes I made. The second part of the video goes through all the successful alterations and the order I made those alterations.

For more information on fabric choices, check out my blog post!

Bra Pattern:
Muslin kit:
Water soluble thread:
Wire size test kits:

How to find your wire size:
How to find your Orange Lingerie size:
Orange Lingerie Alteration Book:

General Cup Alterations:
How to Draft an Internal Sling (archived web version):

Intro 0:00
Supplies & Mistakes 0:51
Altering the Bridge 2:29
Band Fitting 3:54
Initial Cup Fitting 5:22
Cup Alterations 7:16
Unique Cup Fit 8:54
Drafting a Sling 9:49
Sewing the Actual Bra 10:56
Finished Product 14:25

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  1. I realize Liz Sews has taken down her videos and I relied on them for some information in this video. I plan on making a video for finding your wire size, but please let me know if there's any other content you would find helpful! I am nowhere near the experience level that Liz Sews is at, but hopefully I can shed some light on the bra sewing process to other beginners.

  2. Would you be willing to make a bra video of altering the free maya bra pattern ? I’ve asked Liz sews before & no answer. Her videos don’t help me enough. I want to change the maya to use a shorter underwires like Demi ones and then make it a partial band bra.

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