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“I feel like this is boiling down to finances”

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Sam'S Club Southaven Ms - This Happens Way To Often With Modern Women

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  1. I had a gf that wanted to move to a bigger city so she can work and wanted me to
    sell my home to go with her. I said no so she left… she found a new guy who was
    broke and had 7 kids with 7 different girls and she became #8 and had a kid with
    him that she ended up losing to child services.

    Her new bf also beat her up a few times.

    She wants to move back now that I just conveniently finished paying off my mortgage.
    I told her "no" again.

    Women have to learn that when they step up to the poker table and bet everything they
    have in one shot on a guaranteed loss, the shitty outcome cannot be reversed. You're
    now stuck with your decision.

  2. I know many like her amicable demeanor but to me this conversation was like talking to a child. She listened but she didn’t really catch what he was saying. She just didn’t challenge him and go off on an emotional tangent like many others would’ve done. Just getting her to understand the concept of the financial burden she’d have to carry and how that affected her potential in a relationship seemed to teaching a cat Calculus

  3. As a teenager, my grandma and I watched the movie " Pretty woman" with Richard Gere.I will never forget what my grandma said whilst we watched. I know now that a really high value man doesn't care about the achievements of a woman because . "A successful man can turn any woman into a successful woman in 15 seconds. " The dude took a ho off the street and made her a high value woman in a sec. PHDs don't mean shit to the high value man you want.

  4. I don't get to see many of these.. She was cool like many others until KW get to the question about the sharing of producing income and the ladies back right into that answer of him doing 100%, and boom it's going to require a very high earner for them children. If they would go 50/50 and grow together with an average income, they would be fine. KS does overstate the lifestyle of the growing children…they don't need to have the best.

  5. Ofc there is the options like Kevin said, buy a dog and die alone! If by the longest stretch of your imagination you think living your life learning ideas that isn't important to an healthy relationship worth it, then by all means you can gamble that.

  6. I agrees with you on most of your topics but this age thing to get married is something I am not on par with. Most people want to live their lives while young, which is fine. so when you things slowdown and you are no longer the hot topic you are ready to settle? So I should wait until you ready, run through all the options possible, then you are ready to settle. At this time you've become an old dog, a bitter person because your your ex didn't work out for you, formulate your opinion on life and what you think you should have at this old age.i believe people should have history of each other because when they get old that's what will keep them. Sex gets less important ar 60 give or talke, so what good memories can anyone have from 40 vs 20-25? I have to take on the responsibility of teaching leanrt behavior and whatever self generated ideas they grew while they so called living their lives. Then, the real fun starts the kinda memories worth remembering. That's if the person willing to reboot and relearn which pride stands in front of that. From personal experience, most men make a decision based off women experiences. So can you live a truly ecstatic relationship while you withhold information from your live and desicions you made?

  7. Modern women feel like they will be judged by society if they say they want a man to pay for everything. A lot of women want that but are not prepared to do what it takes to get an keep a man who is willing and able to do so.
    Humility goes a long way. To be 30 and so clueless about how to get what you want is pretty sad.
    You must respect you man. Not just oh yes I say I respect him and now I do. You need to show your husband you respect him in his house in private and everyone you speak to and sees you needs to know you respect him. Is your husband perfect and faultless, no, but your nom doesn't need to know your husband's faults, your friends don't need to know your husband's faults, you do not put your husband's faults on blast. If you have a problem with your husband you adress it with your husband. If it can't be resolved, a counselor, your pastor, a therapist can help you, not your mom.
    You can't be walking around acting like your single. You should dress modestly, hanging out in bars and clubs with your single friends is disrespectful. No more single behavior, you're married, act like it.
    Yes you gotta cook and clean. Not because he can't but because if he is working and paying for everything he shouldn't have to if he doesn't want to.
    Men who make enough money that their wives don't have to work are working 60 plus hours a week. Respect that and do his laundry and have a hot meal ready for him when he gets home. Who wants to wash clothes and cook when they get home from a 12 hour work day? No one, let's be real.
    Sex. Married couples should have sex as much as they both want to. You got a good man, make sure he is taken care of. It is necessary. Sex needs to be enjoyable for both of you.
    Never withhold sex from you husband. I'm not saying have sex even if you are tired, sick, need space, I'm saying to not spitefully withhold sex as a punishment. I would also encourage you to have sex even if you don't feel like it but really get into it. Pretend you're husband desires you so much he can't keep his hands off you, that he's got to have you. Assume this is gonna be the best sex you've ever had. Fake it till you make it works here. Its so easy for women to get bogged down by life and some hot sex will make you feel better if you allow yourself to have it. If the mood isn't striking you gotta make your own sparks. Enthusiasm. Try it.
    There ais other certain bedroom activity that men like. If your man likes that he should have it regularly. Enthusiasm is great here too.
    Show your husband that you love him. Sure you say I love you but have you said "thank you for taking care of me." "I appreciate you." You're so sweet to me." "I love spending time with you." "I love seeing you smile."
    Rub his feet. Rub his back. Rub his neck. Serve him his dinner. Bake him cookies. Join him in his hobbies. Ask his opinions on things. Keep getting to know your husband. Share more with your husband. He's not a cash cow he is a living breathing person. Get to know him intimately. Its really that easy. This is painfully obvious but so many women can't seem to figure it out.
    Your man has to do more than pay for stuff. He needs to meet your needs of course as well that goes without saying.

  8. I have been studying this man for a few months before his passing. He has a lot of old content. I am noticing that he definitely goes for the “wow” factor when it comes to this show about modern women. He is highly intelligent and I am learning a lot. When he shows compassion and breaks it down to the longterm erosion of the American black family, it resonates with me. White kids grow up in two parent households at a rate over twice that of black kids and have generational wealth for days. White women been teaching their daughters to go to college just to find a good man down the road in his life and build with him. We don’t have that mindset in place and our women are going to schools for the wrong reason; if their intent is to get married to the kind of man they want. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

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