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Sam’S Club Southaven Ms – Rocker Brian Welch Plays Metal With A Mission (Extended Interview)

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Korn co-founder Brian Welch returned to the famed metal band after overcoming his addictions. Armed with his faith, Brian faces the aggression of his audience with a mission and a message.

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Sam'S Club Southaven Ms - Rocker Brian Welch Plays Metal With A Mission (Extended Interview)

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  1. I was happy when he quit the band bc he came to Christ in 2005. Korn WAS my favorite band. I came to Christ in 2004. I quit listening to that music bc I turned from the world. He left the band for the same reason. I still haven’t returned to the world. He returned. He serves a Christ THATS not in Scripture

  2. Thank you SO much for playing instrumental versions of his tracks so people can hear the type of music he is helping touch people with because many viewers might not wouldn’t normally listen to korn. I honestly could relate so much to their lyrics growing up through high school while simultaneously being heavily involved in my faith even being an organist for my local church. Just because the lyrics don’t seem Christ like doesn’t mean that Brian and Korn aren’t helping influence those who would never be exposed to positive figures in the faith. Metal music is a great positive outlet for raw emotions of this earthly existence

  3. As a Christian, this band means the world to me. A lot of people will not understand that, and I am okay with it. It was like God tucked them away until the perfect moment in my life that I needed them. There were dozens of times I could have fallen in love with the music with different singles I would catch on the radio or online. It is so odd that it didn't happen, but like I said, it's like they were set aside until a time when I was so desperate and alone. I endured terrifying, repeated trauma as a kid. I went though decades of mental health issues because of it. It wasn't until 2017 that I couldn't push it down anymore and I completely fell apart. I was suffering from complex trauma. Jesus got me to the point where I could start working to get better and it was hard (that is severely understated). I also was and felt completely alone. Then He brought this band into my life in the most amazing way. I'm so grateful to all of the members of KoЯn. Jonathan has so much courage to share the things he has and there are countless ways I would not have grown or come closer to God and His plan for my life without this band. KoЯn – Thank you so much <3

  4. I've been a Christian for nearly 50 years & have never understood what one's appearance has to do with being saved. The OT does not refer to tats as we know them today & it's forbidding specific practices – those associated with pagan gods & ancestor worship. As long as one dresses modestly, who cares? Christians can be so legalistic & judgmental. For those of you busting on Brian, what are you doing to reach the lost? Are you going to metal concerts to share Christ? Doubt it & you wouldn't be trusted if you did. God uses the most unlikely people for HIS Glory. He doesn't use the seemingly beautiful, the seemingly perfect. He uses murderers (Moses, Paul, David), he uses adulterers, prostitutes, liars, thieves, and more. Many of us were once one or all of those things & we were washed clean by Christ's sacrifice. We're all still human & still struggle with sin. It's about letting Christ change your life so you become more like him. Just because Brian is in Korn, has tats & plays metal doesn't make him deceitful or trying to mislead anyone. Jesus went to the hurting & the lost. He went to their homes & ate with them. He didn't make people seek Him out although many did. I often find that those doing the most misleading are many times standing right behind the pulpit or hiding behind religiosity. Brian, I am still happy to call you Brother. I get chills when I see Brian & Fieldy sharing their faith & praying with Korn fans after concerts.

  5. He should hookup with Bob Larson.

    They would open people's minds to what spirits are behind people's pains.

    Only Jesus can deliver us.

    Not all Christians believe in what Bob Larson does. However, people who he have helped can attest to the difference.

  6. From Meth Head to God Head. People who have issues with addiction are often very sensitive. They feel the pain and struggle intensely and need something to numb them and push them through to make it day to day. Drugs are an easy fix but they're subtractive and end up taking more than they give and pretty soon your base level is much lower and you need 3 times as much to get you there. God is not the easy fix because he strengthens you. Just like when you go to the gym you lift weights and do a vigorous workout, you dont feel stronger you feel weaker but that's because your muscles break down and rebuild bigger and stronger. That is what God does, he breaks you down and rebuilds you stronger. Sometimes you think he's abandoned you because it hurts so bad but then your faith is rewarded and His plan is revealed. Church and other so called Believers can be more dangerous than your friends in sin. You know where your friends in sin are coming from but your fellow believers might not be coming from God either and can mislead you. It's important to not look to anyone but God and His word and accept nothing else.

    Head's Faith is very strong. His place is in Korn and Jonathan Davis has a red laser beam on his heart and Christ is the sniper. He may not realize it but God is coming for him! He may hate religion which is perfectly fine but he doesn't know Christ. He's never been introduced to Christ just evil, empty, religion. Jonathan's pain and suffering from abuse is not his fault and God wants to heal it. Fieldy and Head are there for a reason, to Minister along the way, to go where youth pastors aren't able to and to speak to those who only they can reach and one of them is Jonathan.

    When it does happen, Jonathan will ask them. They know that they cant talk about it with him but there pressence is a reminder. The best witnesses are those who live their faith and are genuine. When you see someone that has what you want, you ask them how to get it. That is more effective than using sales tactics and fear to shame someone into speaking empty words.

  7. Can you just imagine Paul going back to being Saul and redoing his old ways after Jesus made him a new creation? This is a perfect example of why we were referred to as dogs in the Holy Bible so many times, cause like a dog we return to our very own vomit just to consume it once again. Be TRULY SAVED people.

  8. From the Lord's Prayer: ". . .FATHER, . . . forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. . . "
    Brian "Head" Welch, Beautiful prayer response re. all haters, " Lord, I feel anger. I choose to forgive them. Cleanse me of bitterness." Amen Brother! What a great example! God cannot forgive us if we don't forgive all others from the heart.
    To forgive totally & finally, I had to take it a step farther & repeat what Stephen said while being stoned to death. "Lord, don't hold this to their account." Meaning God, I'm asking that You also forgive them for the wrong they've committed against me. That shows that you don't want justice for them. You want forgiveness. Jesus also prayed, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Forgiveness is love is peace is joy is humility is life ever lasting! Great testimony!

  9. One of my favorite interviews. Brian gets it. I love when he was asked “What can the Church do differently?” I loved his answer. As far as Korn? He entertains a group of followers … then he shares the Good News with them.
    He really is doing God’s work. Love this guy.

  10. A lot of these comments from some believers and atheists alike are judgemental against Brian.
    However: Proverbs 3: 5,6 says
    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

  11. God is nothing but a fictional character of literature, same with the devil. They only truly exist in the minds of people. The bible wasn't written in a vacuum. The Genesis account was clearly borrowed from the ancient Sumerian texts, albiet with some modifications. Anyone that denies this is not being honest with themself.

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