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Walmart Shooting Warning Vision from the Lord fulfilled. Satanic sanctification of the Walmart FEMA camps.

3-4 Walmart Shooters seen (survivor interview)

Active shooter, multiple fatalities.

July Attack:

More attacks listed in pinned comment sections of original video below:

Walmart Vision
original upload:

US/Mexican Border Incident:
Published 6/8/18

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  1. Watchwoman
    When I prayed I saw a vision lots of Russian tanks and man sit in them with gas mask
    Lots of solders
    Why Russian I saw Russian flag
    And then other vision I saw bridge Been blowing up ( maybe San Francisco or New York )
    Did you have any vision about it ???

  2. One thing I don’t understand why people do not run to God and repent knowing what Christian warning them ( God told in bible about this times )
    Surprising I am telling to Christian people about Gods coming and they don’t believe me
    My own husband told me ( I think you are crazy)
    My soul telling me Jesus is here

  3. When prophetic dreams are fulfilled..we should pay attention. We can pray for the Lord to stop the event as well. The Lord may even cancel His own decreed judgement – such as in Nineveh when they Repented. Imagine if Repenting were no longer an option and the Lord just said 'sorry 3 strikes and you out!" that would be horrible right!? Who can complain about it – the option to Repent is a Big Blessing under God's Loving Grace! Thank you Jesus!!

    “In keeping with a positive community experience, I reserve the right to take down any comments that I deem unproductive or unkind. This includes comments that attack, are offensive, or contain profanity. If this behavior continues, the offender may be blocked from participating. Please keep your comments positive and supportive of your fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you!”

  5. You are very accurate. Can you please tell me if my dream about the Waikiki Hawaii tsunami is from God? I have only heard one other person have Hawaii tsunami dream. I am not experienced enough. I watched the video you recommended, but am not sure. If I ask the Holy Spirit things and listen I get quiet thoughts. Am I doing it right? One day I was at the shop and I had the thought buy a cheese platter for the teachers. I don’t buy them as they are too expensive. I walked away then heard it again. So I picked it up and put it back. The third time I heard it I bought it. I was embarrassed giving it and biscuits to the teacher, because there was no reason. She seemed strange which made me more embarrassed. But that night I got a phone call from a different teacher telling me she was retiring and leaving the next day. At school the next day the teacher I gave it to said she was shocked, but wasn’t allowed to tell me until all the parents had been rung that they were having a going away event. I think it was the Holy Spirit. Am I right or just crazy?

  6. Wow! I remember that video you put out before. I remember I warned my friend about Wal-Mart because she's always going to Wal-Mart. Amazing! Not that people got hurt or killed at walmart, but amazing that it came true. Not many of these channels who get messages come true. Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and visions. GBY.

  7. I had A Dream last night and I feel led by the Holy Spirit to share it. Now No One knows the Day or the Hour, but we can know the Time and Season that we are in. In my Dream I went Jogging, At Night, at the Track at the Local College around my area. Note: In the past I used to go running all the time at the Track, that is until things started to change in my life Majorly at the beginning of 2018. When this Dream started I had just arrived right in front of the North East side of Track in the field, next to the Tennis Court (Here is A Picture VIA Google Maps Street View, which is facing south. You can use this if you want to as A way to get A better picture as to what I saw through out the Dream,-121.0108325,3a,15y,181.7h,93.36t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1siFQsDjdO53aBOm1Wkoxzdw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x809053e0bbab4b8b:0x36e5b789a187df90!8m2!3d37.652976!4d-121.0096588

    Also Note in case anyone reading this has not been to A track the direction you go is counter clockwise. This Dream was not Short, but not much goes on aside from me Running for A long time, and then the Two main things that Happen. Basically it seemed like A Normal Trip to the Track for exercise. I feel like that represents people in the world being busy bodies not knowing the hour that they are in. Anyways, if you Use the Link Provided to visualize this, after running Several Laps (8 or 9), I was 3/4ths on my current lap, and I was on the opposite end of the track heading towards the Entrance (Again the Entrance is where the Blue Bars are next to the Blue Can) and I was now just facing north, on the very back end before the Cement Bleachers. Suddenly A Ludicrous amount of Fire Works Started shooting up into the Sky Going off. They were basically Going off Constantly. I had stopped to watch them and I could see that everyone else on the track had done so as well.

    Now I found it to be weird because Normally when people See Fire Works go off in the Sky here in the City it happens at the Main Baseball Stadium. Now again the Ones in my Dream where going off in the North. It felt like this went on for 12 seconds which then they stopped. I started to run again for A little bit when Suddenly I stopped. Way off in the Distance high in the Sky I saw what appeared to be some sort of Giant Flying Beast. I suddenly started to Run and Cut Across the Field thinking to myself I need to get to Safety Fast! (I think I was heading towards the back end side of the Bleachers on the West where there is also an Exit) While I was running everyone else just acted like things were normal and kept on jogging, and they were not heeding any of the warnings what so ever. Then my Dream Ended.

    Now when I ran I was not afraid or scared at all. I just felt I needed to get to safety. I think this quite literally represented me Running to Jesus the Christ. Then the other people represented the People of the world without Jesus The Christ. I think the running could actually represent people running about in there daily lives.

  8. I remembered your vision immediately yesterday. And you are correct this is a satanic attack, initiated I think on the so-called black super moon a couple of days ago, they have released evil spirits of anger and hatred. Pray for God's peace to cover our land, Pray the blood of Jesus to cover His people. Paul Begley just reported another mass shooting at a park in Chicago. It's not over. We need to cover our land in prayer. Thanks Teri for your faithfulness. God bless you.

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