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I hope you all enjoyed this video. I have been wanting to make this video for a long time to try and help and give advice about something no one really talks about. I hope no one is offended by this video, just giving my personal experience and opinion.

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  1. Yea but I wanted to a cognitive therapist and I don’t think you need the PH.D, OD looks interesting but that required the PH.D. Also the animal therapist definitely needed the Ph.D but I am lazy idk, still deciding. But before a changed my major to psych, I was a business major and I just decided to get associates in business because I wanted to avoid all that math stuff.

  2. how many days a week are classes in US in psyc major,
    i will be applying for jan intake from nepal…

    i was hoping for scholarship but my dumbass didnt do SAT, i gave my IELTS and my HS finals result came miserable too i was expecting at least 80%( 3.2+gpa) but hah it came 2.85(about 71%l) rip to scholarship…..

    if i dont get scholarship welp, sadlyf cant afford

  3. Hey everyone! Psychologist here. This video showed up on my feed. I'd say it like this: You can really harm someone if you're not properly trained. I have a doctorate and there are some things I choose not to treat because I'm not competent in that area. You learn so much with a PhD or PsyD, but even with those degrees, you've only scratched the surface of mental health. Undergrad professors and career counselors need to be more transparent with students. Lastly, being a psychologist is absolutely amazing. It's a long road to become a psychologist, but totally worth it!

  4. With passion , drive and the right reason for doing it in the first place you will
    be guided to the correct path , you can get your own clients privately , I never attended school let alone uni but I’m just about to take the plunge at 35 , I can read anyone in a instant and study peoples energy and use my personal experiences to help people , I’m a spiritual person also anyone wanting to do it make sure it aligns with you as a person xx

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