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Check out the top 7 moments from the Missoula County, Montana Sheriff’s Office, including one man who harassed a 12-year-old boy on the street, and one man who had an attitude with an officer after he was pulled over. #LivePD
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South Denver Gi - Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Missoula County, Montana - Part 2 | A&E

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  1. FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot understand WHY people take a hostile attitude. The cop walked up and POLITELY asked : what's up and for the standard paper work.
    I can't say how MANY videos I have seen where people do not have ID, insurance and/or registration on them. What good does it do too leave it at home. What happens if you are in an accident and can't tell people who you are and how to get a hold of family? They have no way to know who you are. Many people are driving someone else's car so the plates won't help.
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD people PLEASE be civil with everyone … life can be less complicated and ugly.

  2. They stopped me because I was going 2 miles up the 15 speed limits and because my accent they accuse me to be drunk and try to arrest me without permission they checked my car and because I m a delivery guy they asked me many times where I was working they asked me 10 times
    Sir are you a Uber driver? Omg what a nightmare
    I’m not saying that all the cops are bad but mostly are specially in the middle of nowhere are so ignorant and they think they own you

  3. Regarding the guy complaining about the bright LED's on peoples cars. Yep, have to agree with him. These super-bright LED lights on the newer vehicles are absolutely blinding. They are as bright as the high-beams on the older cars. I pass the same Jeep on my way to work just about every morning. His lights are so bright I can't see the road right in front of my vehicle until he passes. It's like looking directly into the sun they are so bright. The DOT really needs to do something about this, the lights are excessively and needlessly bright.

  4. around the 7 minute mark is not a laughing matter. we do have all senses we do many of us, have paranoid feelings about the government and law enforcement, yes its unfortunate that he didnt know things but its also unfortunate that we would assume that he is funny as to his concern of the law enforcement in his area. beleive you me and youtube and google as our guide that we have seen bad police and we have seem officers commit heinous acts of crime and exploitation. to see the chuckle at 7:07 is just as normal as everydays wonders, but to some people in the public they just want to know your acting within what your allowed to. thats the same as giving someone a break but on the opposite side of the same spectrum. if you are not concerned about the state of the country, then my friend you need to do some serious self evaluation comparing to the other people you share geographical locations with. just because you think your doing the exact right, because your department told you that's what to do, doesn't always transcribe to the law and weve seen that before. you took a training regiment they didnt. consider that would you. im not defending him im just thinking about what you might be thinking thats all

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