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Have you ever wondered how to “read” a spark plug? This video describes in detail the best process to examine a spark plug and assess its condition.

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Spark Plugs Ngk - Reading a Spark Plug-NGK Spark Plugs-Tech Video

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  1. Been fighting a missfire caution alarm on mercruiser. Last tune up was by boat dealer. Recently pulled plugs. Found unburnt fuel on plugs. Also found gap on all plugs at .030. Gap should be .045. Ordered new plus, will gap properly and see what happens. ???

  2. This video is horrible, and gives absolutely no valuable information about how to read a plug. What about the base ring? Or the ground strap? Or how about cutting off the threads to see the insulator color at it's base? NGK should be ashamed about releasing a video with such poor information.

  3. Wet plug may mean engine is not firing , The plug might even smell of Gas .
    If it's oily wet then the head gasket may have failed near an oil passage.
    A white powdery plug is likely lean not enough fuel or Too much Air …
    Also a clean plug might indicate Water from the cooling system getting into the cumbustion chamber through a failed head gasket or Cracked passage …
    This coolant, steam cleans the plug .
    Drop by any engine rebuild shop to see plugs that show each condition .

  4. Can bkr5 v-power plugs be safely used in the jdm wrx sti v2 my95?. The ecu is tuned for a very rich mixture.had 7s in and 6s are recommended on most forums. But,;im i want to know if the 5s work and if so whats the best gap to put them at. Thanks

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