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In this video I share with you how easy it is for anyone to grow potatoes at home in containers. I take you through a step by step process of what type of potatoes to start with, soil you need, sun needed and time to grow fresh potatoes. Enjoy this video on home potato gardening and give it a try yourself!

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Sprouts El Paso - Growing potatoes at home is easy

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  1. Thanks much. I just found this video after searching I'm going to start planting potatoes for the first time in my life – never tried with any produce previously – as I'm preparing for the great famine caused by WW3. Everyone should be prepared. BTW, I live in the Caribbean.

  2. Thanks for the admittedly almost 10 year old video! This is going to be the next step in my homegrowing empire of madness. I got a big bag of Russets from Wally World and took my sweet time getting around to baking them. Finally got at it last night (about two weeks after buying) and found them covered in eyes, with some ridiculously big. I baked all but the ones with the biggest eyes. Going to take one or two of those and see if I can get a plant to go.

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