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I decided to start a build series on the 93 s10. If you guys have been following me you’ll know i have been hinting around about this build for quite sometime now. I finally put tags on it and got the project started. There have already been some things changed up on the truck but we are taking it a step further. Be sure and subscribe to follow this new build series.

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  1. I just bought a 93 S10 myself, Mine has the 305 in it and it's an automatic. It's originally white but the guy I bought it from rattlecanned it black for some reason but i'm going to media blast it back down to bare metal to see what I'm working with and then repaint it white. I found a set of 93 Cavalier bucket seats at a salvage yard for $50 for the set, I'm going to change the color of the interior to camel brown. I'm going to the grille the same white color as the truck. the wheels are the stock steel wheels with the dog dish Hubcaps, I'm just going to pull the hubcaps off and paint the wheels Burnt copper and put beauty rings on them. After I get the engine good and cleaned and rebuilt I'm going to paint the block white with the valve covers and Air Cleaner Burnt copper. I might even do the frame in Burnt copper too. since i have to pull the engine to rebuild it and the bed to paint it and the cab.

  2. I have a 91 s10 regular cab, short bed, 2×4, 2.8 v6, 5 speed, a/c, no nothing, straight, rustie looking paint, butt" no rust through no crashing dents or dings!,, clean, bitchin truck!!! I want to clean it up,, like new door panels ,dash cover,, etc. Where do I go to get this started and all""" interior things have the same color,, like different blues, you know what I mean!! Please help return this bitchin truck to its bitchinness!!!! Dano

  3. Amazing looking little S10.
    Although one thing wasn't mentioned related to the bucket seats from second generation S10 being installed into the first generation S10.
    The attached seat belts on the actual bucket seats won't fasten to the installed mounted pull strap fastener buckle.
    Available option install the old-style bucket in the floor or make sure to grab the shoulder harness wrap around from the second generation s10 as well.
    I'm not sure if would adapt to the older generation.

  4. Buy this stuff called shine armor it will help protect against rock chips it puts an invisible coating of ceramic on your hood and it’s a type of wax so it makes it shine to I have it and can say it definitely works

  5. Nice truck I have a 91S 10 on airbags I am looking for performance parts for the 4.3 L motor I want to build it up and then put a supercharger on it but don’t know where to go to get performance parts for that motor

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