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The Jimmy Dore Show – Revealed: U.K. SABOTAGED Russia/Ukraine Peace Deal In April!

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Did you know that back in April, just a couple of months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two warring sides had come to a tentative agreement to halt hostilities with Russian troops returning to the Donbass and Ukraine agreeing to remain neutral and not join NATO? Except that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson jetted into Kyiv to persuade Zelensky’s government to scuttle the deal, which is precisely what it did. And now that Russia has seized even more Ukrainian territory, that deal is off the table.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this prospect for peace that could have potentially prevented so much bloodshed and destruction.

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The Jimmy Dore Show - Revealed: U.K. SABOTAGED Russia/Ukraine Peace Deal In April!

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  1. Russian puppets giving the West lessons in freedom of information. All this whilst there, in Russia, leaders of the opposition are poisoned and put away in prison under trumped up charges, journalists are murdered, all independent media have been wiped out, there is no longer any difference between the crassest, most cynical propaganda and information. Disgusting!

  2. Not the UK. WEFists in the UK establishment. The US has also its fair share – as do most countries. Perhaps Putin himself is one? He certainly used to be. As is Xi. Certainly , Berlin EU and their allied ‘Democratic’ US Party are WEFists. Many Republicans too. All part of the tiny feudal fascist oligarchic group believing the world should be run by a tiny clique in autocratic collusion. Schwab calls it ‘creative destruction’ for a New World Order. Order out of Chaos. These WEFists need to destroy firstly – and they are busy doing this. The Ukraine war helps tremendously. Remember the Ukraine is also a large food producer. Zelensky and many Ukrainians are / will be sacrificed. The clique like that too. Read Schwab’s books and read their website. It changes a lot recently – but they are quite brazen about what they’re up to – and how they admire total control and systems like China’s, etc. Oligarchic dystopia.

  3. Jimmy?…your a smart guy but you ain't seeing the big picture here….it ain't russia…certainly not Ukraine my friend… waaaaaay bigger. The great reset….go read about it. It'll all genome clear. Faster you get it? The faster we can reverse this.

  4. Lovely vid upload again Jimmy . But a question , did you know how much water a Dataserver Complex Abuses and Wasted,isin Three months ,ummhh think about the Farmland overtake and the Unesco Greenpreached Area,s ,, hmmint ccolorful atalll ; ) Peace and love From Amsterdamned

  5. All the while Americans being used as milk cows to fund this scam. What an atrocity to Ukrainian citizens and the American taxpayer. Our corrupt politicians and global cabal funneling
    billions into their pockets. Every bill they pass is criminal activity. Hard to laugh over this mass corruption Jimmy!

  6. Either Dore is a lying sack of brown rest substances or a living proof that doing drugs on a regular basis is very bad for your brain.
    This "TENTATIVELY" agreement "APPEARED", according to "FORMER" sources, to indicate that Russia would withdraw.
    Dore just "accidentally" leaves out a small detail which can be read between his two quotes.
    According to Lavrov, the FINAL proposed agreement was unacceptable.
    Dore calls himself a comedian.
    I call him a worthy candidate to replace Stelter at CNN.

  7. Lololol burning gas doesn’t hurt the environment. That’s why it’s called clean burning lolo. We were actually doing it a few years ago when we used to have nat gas coming out our ears. Biden stopped that too

  8. The interesting part is that people think of power, money and so on, as if they, as human-beings are immortal. But they are not – no one is. USA and Great Britain people, life is very short. Don't let your corrupt governments ruin it.

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