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If you were getting worried that it’s been a week or even more since the Biden administration announced another influx of taxpayer dollars to support the Ukrainian war effort, it’s OK. That’s because Biden has revealed that a $3 billion “tranche” will be headed Ukraine’s way, this time going directly to weapons manufacturers to supply Ukraine rather than from stockpiles of existing US armed forces’ weapons.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the seemingly never-ending supply of US taxpayer dollars flowing into Ukraine and not into solving domestic problems like homelessness.

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The Jimmy Dore Show - ANOTHER $3 Billion Given To Ukraine

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  1. What is it worth to America to destroy Russia's military and economy? How many hundreds of billions a year can we save on our military if we don't have to pay to defend Europe from Russia? While we're at it what if China was gone too?

    The man YOU probably voted for Beijing Biden is out to deliberately wreck America's economy. What's a few billion compared to the trillions he has printed for garbage? He cut US oil and gas production in the US to save the planet. Do we use less? No, we just go broke paying more for it. People who think like you aren't the solution, they're the problem. They're either agents of the deep state including Comminist China or their useful idiot dupes. Do you miss President Trump yet? That depends on whether or not you're over TDS.

  2. WE owe over 30 trillion dollars. A trillion is one million million. Most people can't fathom that amount of money.
    What happened to all the money China lent US? Or US taxes?
    Infrastructure in shambles, hungry and homeless everywhere.
    WE should have explanations. Fascism sucks.

  3. The Homeless Industrial Complex is how state/local politicians make their fair share of the payola. It's no different than how international elites make it from starting wars. So…no, Jimmy…the more than $20B that is spent every year on "homelessness" isn't being spent to solve a problem.

  4. Thanks Jimmy speaking the truth. About $60bn arms to Ukraine and nothing for solving homeless problem and healthcare or for that matter even student loans repayment. Your are absolutely right. They just got out of $2tn war in Afghanistan.

  5. Gotta keep that military industrial complex rolling in cash … And it's EXACTLY what Americans deserve for allowing it to happen. No one to blame but yourselves. Or did I miss the millions of people filling the streets of Washington DC in protest?

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