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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the excommunication of one of its top leaders, James Hamula

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  1. Just shows that the gift of discernment is rare, one general authority (Richard Lyman) broke the law of chastity for 18 years, had frequent temple recommend interviews, visited the temple several times, had meetings there, participated in countless sacred ordinances and none of his colleagues discerned his adulterous lifestyle for nearly two decades; and this guy sat in counsel with prophets. So, it just shows that you cannot put your trust in man.


  3. When are these people gonna research their own religion and realize it's nothing more than a twisted and sick version of Freemasonry and rituals that the true Bible never told us to do! I am truly happy for this man and now pray that he will get to know the true and living God, the BIBLICAL Jesus, and the Trinity. Our God was not of flesh and bone and certainly did not live on the star called Kolab, nor did he populate the earth by having sex with Heavenly Mother. Wake up! Everything that is wrong with Mormonism can be found right on their website!

  4. Weak leadership .. not you….. you are blessed….. but this war…… should bring a zoom meeting with all the religious learners Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mormans, and people of the book need to put their heads together to do something that they have never done before. One group of religious leaders have a group discussion to send to Putin. One group can become the Goliath . Too many leaders have words , but their words do not make a difference when it just reach the same followers and donations buckets. Jesus was led to his death with the silence of leaders. Put your heads together ….. the religious leaders could become NATO….. but come together and have that Zoom meeting . Put your heads together and speak a word that has never been spoken before . Russia is right next to Alaska. It is so near to us. What if we had to leave are beds, possession, pictures, TV….relatives, love ones , cell phones with no communication. Think of your mother reaching for your hand…… help……. think of your daughter reaching for your hand help… not do the Arron walk…….. what is the Arron walk? He walks ….. with swinging the light as the wild build a calf…..the wild is Putin acting out on television every day…… yes I am a Muslim….. calling in the wind of the desert…… be like the Beess protecting honey… come together on Zoom Leadershhip day and prey one prayer using names that will nor divide people …. use in the name of Almighty GOD

  5. I have read some awful comments on directed at the LDS Church in general and specifically at the Church leadership. And there were several comments that went to the “fact” that if this is going on (what ever it was), then the Church obviously isn’t true! Of course it can’t be, if a leader this high up is guilty of grievous sins! Well, I am 67 years old, and I have seen every facet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From leadership positions, serving 2 years as a missionary, attending BYU, working for the Church full time for 23 years, and singing at General Conferences with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir men… and this is what I’ve got to say about this: I’ve NEVER even heard of this guy!!!
    But, people are saying that the Church must not be true if this high up church leader commits a sin like this… Take note of Judas and father level of sin he was capable of…

  6. The church did say personal apostasy/disillusionment were not reasons for his excommunication. So any comment that insinuates this was about him openly contradicting church teachings and challenging church authority like John Dehlin are not accurate.

    Likely a case of a serious personal transgression that he confessed to that he either did recently before getting excommunicated or something that he kept hidden for a long time and it finally got brought to light. Regardless of what it is, hopefully he eventually comes back.

  7. Who cares what man thinks it’s what our Heavenly Father thinks that matters and it’s him we have to stand before at the judgement day so who ever is pointing a finger needs to remember that it’s ultimately pointed at him self so judge not and he shall not be judged

  8. I have never heard of this man. He is not a high-ranking Mormon because I didn't even know who he was. I finally found an article and read it. he was a 70 which means that he's 1 of 70 people called to a position in the church for 5 years or so and then they released him and they call another person to be a 70. there are 70 people in each Quorum so you can see how important he was, 1 out of 70, not!

  9. God Bless Jesus Christ's Church. May it continue to build God's Kingdom on earth. I'm so grateful for all the many blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family. The best decision I ever made was selling my nightclub, giving up drinking and drugs, listening to the wonderful missionaries and establishing my relationship with my Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and his Church. I cannot express enough how happy I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and to be able to contribute in some small way to helping build up God's Kingdom on earth alongside all of the other Christian Churches around the world who do their best as well. It's people who are weak not the Church. it is people who choose to make wrong choices, not the Church. I love The Church of Jesus Christ because it is Jesus Christ's Church and he is the head of the Church, in my experience people in the Church are just trying to do his will and on the whole doing pretty well with plenty of failure along the way as is the case with people. God Bless everyone. God loves each and everyone of us no matter where we are in life. After what I have seen and experienced, no one, except me can ever convince me that The Church of Jesus Christ is not true because faith is built upon a rock. I'm an evidence based decision maker and there is too much evidence in favour of the Church but you'll never know if you don't investigate it with a humble heart. How many Churches has God blessed with it's own State? Come on guys your arguments against the Church are fruitless. We love our Church.

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