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View the steps to install a ShelfTrack closet system.

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Universal Standards Clothing - ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Installation Video

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  1. ClosetMaid, My last purchase will be my last purchase from this company. I’m here because instructions weren’t even included.
    At the very least 1 nut could have been included to make a hole big enough for the clamps. I’m so disappointed.

  2. Yo do not need the HangTrack, that is just BS to make you waste more money on a product which is already VERY EXPENSIVE for what it is. Just draw a level and put all top screws on that line. Also, you do not need that many standarts, 4 per closet is fine just make sure you attach all of them to the studs.

  3. I hate videos like this! Explaining how to install an entire closet system from scratch in three minutes! There's not enough detail on any part of the instructions. I'll be looking for another video or two by an actual person who knows the challenges an actual person might face and explains everything in detail.

  4. This video is values making the job look easy over actually being instructional. If you install the drywall toggle like she does, your shelf will fall out the drywall as soon as you put weight on it.

    Youtube "drywall toggle" for useful information on installing that type of drywall mount.

  5. My advice when installing by the HangTrack is to hold up the HangTrack with a level and best guess your location, and mark your holes. Put the track and level down and punch through each with a very small bit. If the drill falls though, it’ll need a toggle bolt, so mark that hole with a “V”.

    Drill 1/2” holes where you marked Vs, install the bracket with the bolts, and tighten as you keep the bracket level and fine tune height.

    THEN drill your holes that will be in studs. Stud finders aren’t totally accurate, and this method keeps you level and drilling minimally.

  6. Perdón donde consigo eso lo nesecito así como el de las parrillas o rejillas largas tres así de largas de un metro o 1.50solo las tres res rejillas largas y de 20cmmts de ancho con intervalos de 25cm de alto
    Nesecito así para colocarlo en mi casa

  7. At 1:00 into the video, after toggles are pushed into the wall, the video says to tighten the bolts. So I now have 5 toggles inside my drywall, and the bolts DO NOT tighten into the toggles… am I missing something? For me, the bolt & toggles just spin endlessly, with no way of “grabbing” onto each other. So instead of a time-saving store bought shelf installation, I need to figure out how to fix this. Theres no way I can think of to get the toggles back out :0(

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