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Willard Street Inn – Iconic Abandoned Hotel with Weird History

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Originally a Holiday Inn opened in 1973, this building was later a Days Inn before being owned and run by followers of Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 90s. It has been abandoned since 1997. One of Houston’s most popular urbex and graffiti spots.

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Willard Street Inn - Iconic Abandoned Hotel with Weird History

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  1. A very interesting video! I have always been weirded out by the giant abandoned shell of a building in the middle of downtown Houston every time I drive through it, but thankfully I stumbled upon this video explaining what it is. Keep up the good work. For some reason YouTube thinks you are speaking Vietnamese when you turn on the auto-generated captions. Guess that's just the YouTube algorithm at work lol. The subtitles are pretty funny, though, at one point it says "paint is verified banker which ends all you've seen."

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