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Williams Racing F1 – DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE – F1 Manager 22 Career Part 9 Canada

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F1 Manager 2022 Career Mode Williams – Canadian Grand Prix

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Williams Racing F1 - DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE - F1 Manager 22 Career Part 9 Canada

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  1. In my Alpine career at Canada, there was a train of Hamilton, Ocon, and Alonso. Alonso locked up into the hairpin, went into the back of Ocon and wiped him out of the race. Alonso himself had a broken front wing and I didn’t have any spares so had to trundle round to the end of the race. Was looking for an excuse to sack Alonso so got in Ricciardo after that. Still trying to catch up on parts

  2. Before the race start, when you do the pitstop strategy, the last option in the menu will allow you to pre-set the amount of pushing, fuel and ERS usage. That way you dont have to click like a mad man after the race start, plus they get a better start of the grid!

  3. My whole race gets messed up when I get a safety car. The SC periods are fixed and if the field is mixed up with backmarkers, the game will not wait till everybody is in line, will not allow backmarkers to pass. When the race gets restarted the backmarkers get blue flags and it becomes a big mess, you easily gain or loose 7 places because of cars getting hold back behind the backmarkers. Also, I was now able to get points consistenly with Aston Martin, but the amount of micromanaging you have to do is really intense. Its all about sticking to a DRS train with a harder compound tire than your competitors, then switch to softer ones when your opponents go to harder compounds. But the primary thing is to just stick with quicker DRS trains. To do this, you have to really constantly tweak the ERS, fuel usage and the amount of tire pushing. Its fun, but the game will not allow you to fast forward for a second because you will loose the train in a fraction of a second. Also, when you are in front of a DRS train, you are basically screwed. You will burn up all your fuel and your tires and your competitors just get a free toe. Even if you manage to break away, no way you will be able to break away from a DRS train as they will just constantly change the leader of the train (kind of like in cycling tours). Also if you have two good drivers you can just do a 2 man DRS train where you constantly have one guy saving all their resources. Then when the front guy runs out, your switch places and you can have him recover while the follower now pulls the previous leader ahead… Copy, repeat… I love the game as its really really hard to properly develop the car throughout the season. You are also getting towards the phase where you need to start researching next year's car! Overall, the AI needs some improvement and the safety car bugs need to be fixed!

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