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Willie Nelson 2021 – Willie Nelson – A Beautiful Time (Official Audio)

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“A Beautiful Time” by Willie Nelson
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Willie Nelson 2021 - Willie Nelson - A Beautiful Time (Official Audio)

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  1. You will always be rolling, traveling, singing, and having a Beautiful Time. Come what may, these things will live in your beautiful mind and always be just a blink of an eye away. No one can take these beautiful times from you!! Just close your eyes and you're "On The Road Again".

  2. This song really resonated with me, brought nostalgic tears to my eyes. Spent 1986 driving two punk bands across the US, and many years traveling the beautiful roads of our country. Looking forward to retirement so I can get back to the winding roads again and ease my itchy wandering feet. Love you Willie. Thank you for the songs!

  3. Thank You Willie. Love from Mumbai, India. I have been a BIG fan of yours right from my teens (am 47 now). Have loved every song of your, and know quite a few of them by heart. I had even kept one of your songs (Wind Beneath My Wings) as my wedding song. I couldn't find a better way of giving you my mark of respect. And the 3rd song for my wedding was also one of your songs- 'Old Buttermilk Sky'.
    Check the video l had created to put up on my status on ur 89th Birthday. Also uploaded it on YouTube ..

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