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Many of the properties that we inspect that were built between 1965 and 1972 are wired with aluminum wiring. Insurance companies have problems with aluminum wiring for multiple reasons that I explain in the video but there is a very easy solution to it. This video is about pigtailing, what does it mean, what is it for and how it can keep the insurance companies happy.

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Wire Nuts Electric - How to pigtail aluminum wiring to copper

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  1. Can you solder wires inside an outlet box? I use my portable solder iron and older all connections together prior covering it with a cap. Sometimes I use heat-shrink tube when theres no space for caps. Is all that a fire hazard and should I redo everything back to simple twist and capping?

  2. Hi there! I am about to spend a considerable amount of $ to buy enough AlumiConn connectors to do all the outlets in my house which was built in the 70's in Aylmer (Gatineau). It gets pricey fast because you need 2 per receptacle and they cost 100-125$ for a 25 pack. You are tempting me to take this cheaper alternative but I've seen some professionals on YouTube either say it was not up to code where they reside, that the anti-oxyde paste can leak over time or other things of that nature pointing out it is not an appropriate way to go and that only using AlumiConn connectors let them sleep at night and is a permanent way to fix the issue. What is your take on that? I'm no electrician and if you ask me, you seem to do a pretty good job I would be confident to replicate – it seems pretty safe to me but I'm no electrician or scientist 🙂 Thank you so much by the way!

  3. Jeez I hate to see old brittle aluminum ugh I’ve seen so much with aluminum it’s really not that easy I would use alumiconn connectors so your not bending the aluminum other than rewiring a house the alumiconn connectors in my opinion are the safest remedy just for the fact your not bending old brittle aluminum

  4. I'm not up on Canadian code or local provincial requirements, but
    The terminal screws on CO/ALR devices are made of special materials and designed to grip aluminum wire very tightly. 15 Amp/125-Volt grounding Residential grade, NEMA 5-15R, 2P and 3W (Example: Leviton Model# R51-12650-00I)

  5. When you do the pig tail and replace new outlet, do you use the outlet made for Co/Al or just for Copper is fine? As only copper wires touch the outlet so I guess outlet for copper should be fine but I want to be sure. Thank you very much.

  6. I had to stop at 4 and a half minutes. Perhaps canada does things differently than in the US so I'll point out a couple of things. One, You didn't sand the aluminum conductor before putting the nolox compound on it. Aluminum will oxidize in minutes so you have to work quickly. Next aluminum will flow under pressure so you will have an issue if you don't use the proper compression device. If the aluminum gets exposed to air it will oxidize and even under pressure will heat up because aluminum oxide is an insulator and not a conductor as copper oxide is. Now there's only one way to connect up aluminum to copper and that's with a compression barrel connector and crimping tool. Somewhere around 6 to 12 tons of pressure is required. The connector is filled with nolox and the aluminum is cleaned and immediately inserted and the connector crimped. Then the other conductor is inserted and crimped. Special wire nuts for aluminum are a temporary fix only. You never use any type of mechanical lug or screw with aluminum. I've done this for forty years and never saw a proper connection fail but also never saw an aluminum mechanical connection that hadn't over time and load. Years ago I had a neighbor call me on a sunday morning to ask if I knew anything about refrigerators. I said no why and she said hers had quit and even melted the cord were it plugged into the wall. I asked if her house was wired with aluminum and she said yes. I said I know what to bring. I pulled the plug out of the wall and luckily there was a lot of wire folded up in the box. I cut off around six inches of wire with crystalized insulation and then installed a new receptacle with serrated screw heads made for aluminum. Replaced the cord cap on the fridge cord and turned it on. It ran. I told her the repair was temporary and suggested she have her entire home rewired before the wiring caused fires.

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