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Yong And Old Lesbians – Older Fem Lesbians dating younger Studs

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This topic addresses Older lesbian fems dating younger lesbian studs. Age doesn’t matter, what matters is the love both women can show to each other. Older women want to be stuck in their ways, but learning and adjusting can be very satisfying.

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Yong And Old Lesbians - Older Fem Lesbians dating younger Studs

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  1. Thank you, my lover is 3yrs younger. I'm completely satisfied with her as she is amazing in every aspect of the relationship. She is so nurturing to me and my children. She has her moments as do I but we are completely 100% loyal to me. Thank you Again for sharing Hun.

  2. To all my younger women just stay confident and be honest with any older women you date. me personally I dont even bring up age at all. i see it as we are both adults with a common interest for one another. simple as that stay true to yourself and let things flow naturally on their ow. i love an older woman and i never see age as a factor. either she will love me for me or she wont.

  3. One thing that is missing in this conversation is the fact that lesbians over 40 remember the time when being a lesbian meant being in the closet, especially in the black community. Today's lesbians have no clue about the struggles of the previous generations. 

  4. thanks for video!  im strongly thinking about wanting to go head maybe date older women.  im finding women (fems) who are 10-15 years older than myself to be quite attractive not just on a physical level but as well on a maturity and spiritual level.  so who knows where the future might hold. as long as we treat each other like  equals and complement each other than the age thing will be obsolete imo.

  5. I understand what you're saying.  I met a younger person that I dated and we had an awesome connection.  I broke it off with them and thought it was because they were younger but I realized that it wasn't the age that was the problem it was life experience and common trajectory.  They were 10 years younger.  The problem was that I'm a 9-5 401K girl and I always made more money.  I don't like to feel as though I have to 'take care of' my partner or cover both of us on a vacation.  We had far too different a outlook on life and security.  I have since met a woman who is 7 years younger than me and she has her professional life on track, her finances are on point and we can travel together when we want.  We both look at life and security the same way.  It's the mindset not the age.  The age CAN be a factor but it is not always a factor.

  6. wow… my last "Love" relationship my partner was more than 10yrs younger than me I loved her.. I didn't look at her age I looked at how she made me smile and how I felt in her company. She was very mature in morals and loyalty to family.. That was a double plus for me!! But there were other factors that kept her from being able to love me completely … My best relationships have been with the younger woman. But today there's No Woman… Thanks for the video!

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