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  1. I love older women. But I had bad experiences with them unfortunately. I was 19, she was 28… completely narcissistic. Then another woman more recently, I was 28 and she was 36, also narcissistic! Same age gap also. Kind of been a pattern at this point. But for some reason I am really only highly attracted to older women. I hope someday I can find an older woman who is genuine, kind, caring, and mature.

  2. Grade 7 I had a crush on my MAPEH teacher, we start at the wrong foot coz she thought I'm a rebel the way I am to savage to my nemesis (I know I am standing in the right way that she didn't notice until I show her who I am) I'm elected as a president of the class (as always) I always pay attention to her lesson and pass it perfect, time goes by she kinda have favoritism b'coz she shows it among our class that I always stand out and our relationship as the one 1st flip… and that we become close, every occasion or event I give her gifts letters or flowers and other DIY with my effort for her to appreciate, I show her my compassion and I break my Façade that hide my true colors… I realize after 2 years we spend every school year that I have a huge Crush on her and found out I'm a lesbian that my friends confirm after I share to them my fancy to this teacher… she sometimes leading me on (yet I don't know things like this back then) she often invite me to her Faculty or lunch with her, and teachers thought we're so close in a weird way, we do staring competition a lot that leads her to stare at my lips or vise versa (I didn't know its the way telling someone 'you want to kiss them unconsciously' back then because I'm so naïve and innocent), 4 years past same amount of attention with each other but we become more clingy and touchy but not in an inappropriate way for other but it's deep for us, until one day she shut me down that I didn't know the reason (By the way we have 11 years age gap and she's one of the hottest Teacher in our School) I chase and reach out to her but she's keep shutting me down or sometimes ignore and pretend she didn't see me (My 1st heartbreak though and I realize I loved her and that She's my 1st- love…not what u thinking coz I'm virgin till now!) I stop chasing her and pay attention to myself and people around me instead… I spend a year and a half trying to move on- in that process I found out that in that 4 years we keep in touch without label she has a girlfriend that also my former teacher- and that time when she shut me down is she cheat on her girlfriend because she found another person (who she not so happily married with now btw) Gush almost 3 years to be honest until I'm completely healed and one day a year before she marry the man she ask for closure to me and confess that "I miss you, I miss feeling complete and happy so much, can we have closure?" of course I did but I have another women fancying in that time but not totally fancying just distracted, and she asked me after a months that "Why I didn't feel the same amount of completeness again, novel?" (yeah we're so dramatic) and I answer her that "Because I'm no longer the Novel who deeply in love with you, you broke her for Your information" with that she cried, I cut all my communication to her, we seen each other last month then the only things she said is the fact that how wonderfully I grown up, but I just smile and nod.

    Teacherxstudent Gush I did write my not happy ending love story in a short form LOL (It's real so… yeah I'm Gay and still flirting LOL) and I am gayer to woman!! not Girls

  3. She was my teacher at university which I recently successfully ended (she helped me with thesis and stuff), I use to go to her office very often and built a really strong and beautiful "somethingrelationship", I gave her little gifts etc. I recently invited her to my piace (i live alone) and she happily came and we talked about everything imaginable basically, just as we did when I studied. She paints and talked about it and about how now her jobs don't allow her to do what she loves and blablabla and I let her paint and she left a painting for me. I am sure she got that I like her a lot, if not that i'm in love with her. She asked how old am i gong to be (soon it's my birthday, i'll be 23, she's 45) and she's like Oh..I thought like around 25.. and sometimes she says things like "well I see that you don't really dislike me/well not that you dislike me.." or something like that. (I respond usually with "Well let' say I tolerate you") I guess maybe she just likes that I like her. She is married with a man and has two children, we even talk about them etc. Very recently we were texting and she goes like "talking about age.. i wish i could be 25 again, i would have made such different choices.. It was then that i did wrong.. I got married!" Oh and that day when she came to me, when she was gong away she was the first saying like "I had a great morning, it's so nice/good in here…." and then "i would invite you to my place but" basically her mother also lives there and stuff, the thing is i didn't even expect that she would want to see me again and to say it first, even if we really had a great day together. "Well, I always reciprocate" she said. I feel the vibe and that she is some kind of shy/a little repressed bisexual or smt like that, idk. She definitely holds eye contact and when i become a fool and tease her etc she likes it and plays along. She sometimes sits in some dominant way, legs open etc. As a kid they made her do some "man things" (smt with the farm house idk) and then she went all feminine let's say as a response/reaction to that. It's always like we have something ambiguous going on. I don't have any hope because even if she was, i don't want her to break commitment with her husband, I get the situation. I just want so bad to know that something of what i feel is reciprocated. I do really think that i love her (3 years already..) and I sure fantasize about her a lot. Idk it's just so good, I do really strongly feel in love. I also can see her flaws or what for me would be a flaw, but I maturely accept it and made me realize what i want and don't want in a partner etc. I also think she's kind and a good person. I feel i love her just like a strong protective MAN would and SHOULD. I think probably shes not very happy in her family (idk) I want her to be happy and safe. I think this whole kind of internal experience made and makes me grow and it's beautiful. Just wanted to share

  4. This is my story.
    My lecturer's still single, sooo attractive, confident when in class, doesn't like to get married (she's 9 years older than me) with gorgeous bob hair and a perfect unisex fashion sense.
    She looks femme but acts manly in some ways.

    I swear for the first time seeing her entered our class (around March 2020) I completely had a crush on her until now.
    I gained her attention by doing well all the tasks. She was also showed some kind of caring to me. During about 5 months she made eye contact with me a lot and peeked at me several times. And at some tests, she let us analyze some lyrical poems about the topic of "someone (whether male or female) falling in love with a girl".

    One day I stayed at the canteen to study, I suddenly saw her buy a drink. She was just a few feet away from me. I noticed before that every time she passed that canteen she walked very fast, but on that day she stood there long enough for me to stand by to said hello to her. I noticed a happy expression on her face when I greet her but she still had to act polite and talked less. Maybe since there were lots of people around, so she couldn't be too natural when talking to me. She even asked me if I want any drink so she could buy me.

    Interestingly, she doesn't like crowds and doesn't want to have close conversations with her students at uni's canteen (I know all this because she "confessed" to me in our coffee talk later). But why she stood there quite long, right in front of my sight, at THAT canteen?

    After the graduate, I still keep in touch w/ her via email. She replied kindly in an email saying "she would be very happy to hear me update new things in my life". Through many emails after that, I asked her phone number and then invited her out for a drink. We did go for a drink together, twice, AND, on the first "date", she did blush! Because of me and our private "date"? I don't know and can't know exactly the reasons.

    Those times, she was interested in the stories that I told. She even mentioned "same-sex schools". She told me: When talking about this topic, her students often think that love would not happen in same-sex schools. Then she said: "What if it really happens? Who can tell?"

    Once I gave her a gift, and wanted to grab her hands (as a sign of adore) she was really surprised, timid, shy, but after a few seconds, she still let me grab her hand. Can you imagine her smiles shyly and asking me "Why wanna grab my hand?" but still held it out for me to grab. Her hand was a bit cold. Oh my, nothing would be cuter than that moment!!!

    Even though she didn't directly talk about her sexual orientation, I still believe my gaydar is not wrong. She also has LGBT friends. I don't know too much about her circle of friends, but I do know for sure that she has some.
    And what's more amazing is, I knew she follows Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Paulson,… She also listens to Sam Smith, Kehlani (the Honey song – lesbian theme), and some other LGBT artists.

    I'm about to meet her for the third time around this May (2021), and I still have a strong crush on her maybe for the rest of my life lol. The thing is, I don't know if she has any feelings towards me, as I always have for her… What can I do now??? Or should I just leave things there?

  5. this was on my recommendation section ,this is totally relatable … Well actually ever since I knew I was a lesbian when I was 13 and started to like older women like half of my age more upto to this day, well back then my friend told me that maybe I was just looking for a mother figure coz my mom died when I was 5, but I love and miss my mom a lot upto this day , but never ever in my life, that finding a mother figure cross my mind and liking older women

  6. The unfortunate truth is most older single woman are not open to that idea and not as open minded when approached with that idea at a public place. During my trial and dating experience with older women out of dozen approached only was successful landing 2 dates that year wich the 1st change her mind because she was extremely shy (I am 27 she was 39) A lot of the times the woman is caught of guard that fact that this late 20s guy is able to communicate at a superior level then my and her age bottom line is in order to get her number alone she needs to be already in the market for a rather big age gap.

  7. I am so glad I found your channel and this video particularly. I am in a situation where I believe and feel an older woman is at least attracted to me. The way we met makes it hard to decipher if her interest are professional, personal, or mixed. In our first encounter, her energy was so strong that it confused me as a primarily straight woman with bi-curious thoughts. I do know that she is interested in being in my life and has brought up meeting up twice in a less direct way. When we do finally meet for drinks, I’ll use the tip of talking about my past relationship with a woman and go from there. I am interested in her.

  8. Flirting is flirting, no matter what the age. I do agree that someone older, with more life experience, will be more direct. But, if another lesbian is paying close attention to you and you suspect she is flirting, then more than likely it is flirting. As a side note, every single feeling and desire you have as an younger person, you still have as an older person. How things feel physically when you are younger, they feel the same when you are older. Pleasure is still pleasure, pain is still pain. Crushes are still crushes. Love is still love. Older women are not another species. We all have the same desires, wants, needs. No mystery there.We are all still women.

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