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Hey everyone!
Well we are here and we are back for another Anti-MLM video! I hope you guys like it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Youmewho Color Street - Color Street "Training Call" Provides No REAL Work Training | Anti-MLM

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  1. Not sure if you're aware. Maybe you'll mention it later. They like to say that you can apply the strips and go on about your day. Not true. I have put them on and went to wash my dishes and they peeled right off. You need to apply them at bed time, so they can dry completely. Also, they do not last 10-14 days… They don't even last one day, without chipping… They are much easier than regular nail polish and less messy. They do produce so much waste, in the way of plastic. They also provide a nail file with every package, which is also a lot of waste. You can peel it off easily, but it can damage your nails.

  2. Most bosses don’t want you to use your phone when you’re on the clock – she’s self-employed (it sounds like) and so she’s in a unique position. I don’t like that she berates people for not working on their MLM while at their real jobs.

  3. The only ones that actually seem to be buying up all the strips are the stylists….they want you too keep an on hand stock. That is why when you go on the site, most everything shows as sold out – the stylist hoard the strips to sell.


    L'alto livello di coinvolgimento dei rappresentanti del pubblico di riferimento è una chiara dimostrazione di un fatto semplice: l'ulteriore sviluppo di varie forme di attività crea le premesse per un sistema di partecipazione di massa. Oltre al costante supporto informativo e propagandistico della nostra attività, definisce in modo univoco ogni partecipante come capace di prendere le proprie decisioni in merito alle posizioni assunte dai partecipanti in relazione ai compiti assegnati.❤️



  5. I personally don't see how they can make a living selling nail polish strips. My kid is obsessed with her nails I usually only spend 10 to 20 a month keeping her in supplies. These strips are so expensive for what they are. I think that's why something like Herbalife/beach body does better because they can prey on people with health/diet issues (of course I dont approve of that either). I just think it's so strange to build a mlm around such a trivial product.

  6. The fact that this MLM lost real staff at their plant/office with salaries and wages and benefits and gained way more people selling and making no money makes me sick. The image of that transfer from real stable work to pyramid scheme style manipulation is awful.

  7. Halo Taco nail polish is great and if you use a special base you can literally pull it off when you are done with it! She is a YouTube creator….but there are many other brands that are designed to peel off after a week….I love them myself because I hate the smell of nail polish remover

  8. all I heard was "I took advantage of so many people during quarant*ne" and she literally said they lost half the staff but doubled production – so the people literally don't matter to the company
    > I wonder if the could claim color street as a small business for the cov*d small business loans that were given out in the beginning of 2020

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