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In this interview from 1978, actor Anthony Hopkins talks about the film Magic: his roles of Corky Withers and the voice of Fats, learning how to be a ventriloquist, learning some magic tricks, using experiences from his childhood to play the role, playing piano as a child, director Richard Attenborough, and director Norman Jewison working on the film for almost a year before a falling out with producer Joseph E. Levine.

He also talks about his role as Dysart in the original 1974 production of Equus on Broadway, Equus director John Dexter, reviving the role in LA and directing Equus in LA, not playing the role of Dysart in the film Equus, his fascination with Hamlet and desire to perform Hamlet and direct it, his friendship with Carol Burnett and being part of a community of actors.

From 1974 to 2000, Canada’s Brian Linehan conducted thousands of in-depth interviews with the greatest actors and directors from over 60 years of film history. His programs City Lights and Linehan have not been seen since they first aired and are now available for the first time for licensing. Linehan, a stylishly gifted broadcaster, meticulously did all his own research and that, coupled with his knowledge and passion about film and filmmaking, puts him in a class all by himself.

With 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years and thousands of hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports, Reelin’ In The Years Productions is now the World’s Premier Source For Footage Of Musical Artists, Entertainers & History Makers.

Note: these clips are available on YouTube for producers, directors, researchers and clearance companies for potential use in their projects. Our website on the screen is to protect the footage from being used without our consent and so industry professionals can find us to properly license the footage.

Brian Linehan, who passed away in 2004, left his entire estate to The Brian Linehan Charitable Foundation to provide training, work opportunities and promotion for young actors of exceptional talent. All of the income of his Foundation is donated to not-for-profit institutions for that purpose. In the decade since his death, recipients of the Foundation’s support have included extraordinary young actors affiliated with the Canadian Film Centre, The National Screen Institute of Canada, the Stratford Shakespearean Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, which, since Brian’s passing, has preserved and housed Brian’s personal archive and tape library.

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  1. මම ධනවත් ආදරණීය විශ්ව මාතාවට ස්තුතියි ස්තුතියි ස්තුතියි ආදරෙයි ආදරෙයි ආදරෙයි විශ්වාසයි විශ්වාසයි විශ්වාසයි

  2. The calmness in Anthony Hopkins' voice is very soothing…I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone be so completely open whilst also being so completely at peace with themselves…that was a wonderful interview, Hopkins has a confidence in the way he speaks that can only come from a total lack of fear. Here is a man who has slayed his demons and walks free of fear.

  3. An only child. Father hated when he played piano = trauma. Introverted yet easy on the eyes. Why? Perfectionism is a sickness. I know. I used to have it. Drove my friends away as they would say I'm a "control freak", that I wanted to steal everyone's power. But it's a result of insecurity and a way of trying to heal wounds to the psyche. Tony picked up the piano again because his father wasn't there to berate him. This is a troubled soul even now, he looks for divinity. He worries what is beyond death. I hope he finds peace before he passes. Sir Anthony Hopkins, thank you for being. Thank you for all the gifts you've created for us. They are part of your legacy and will be forever I should think. When we die, we will be joining billions who have gone before us. So. We should be at peace with it.

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