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During ET Canada Live, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react to Tommy Lee’s Father’s Day diss of his sons and Brandon’s response to releasing the video of Tommy knocked out by a punch from his son.

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Young Tommy Lee Jones - Tommy Lee Knocked Out by Son’s Punch

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  1. Tommy Lee lecturing about ANYONE being in any way entitled, selfish, privileged, immoral etc is a joke. I'm a big fan of the band, and they've led a very public life full of excess materialism. They can do what they want, when they want, to/with whom they want at any time. How much time did Vince do for killing Raz in that DUI crash? A month? Tell it to someone else Mr. LEE

  2. Does Brandon feel good about himself showing the whole world his father laid out on the floor….. only because he was a mediocre father? Get over a little rich kid, I believe Tommy when he says he messed up and didn’t instill the right morals in these little bastards.

  3. This is not funny but this is what happens when men or women either of the parents are involved in these children's lives and then when they're half grown step in and try to play mommy or daddy these kids aren't having it they're basically telling these people to go f*** themselves you know how I know this because my son did the same thing I had to get in between my son and his dad my son was ready to knock his dad the f*** out and do you want to know what my son said to his dad when his dad said you don't be disrespectful to me my son got right in his face and he said now you want to play Daddy he said where the f*** have you been my whole life you haven't helped my mom you beat up on my mom you didn't take care of me and now you want to boss me around he's like I'm 20 years old he said I'll knock you the f*** out his dad stepped up to him and I stepped in between I said don't do that guys but I'm telling you that's the s*** that happens Tommy Lee probably deserved that he's a f**** idiot anyway trying to blame Pamela for everything I bet you those boys don't beat up on their mom LOL

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