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Hard to believe that you don’t hear much about this legendary artist….Waylon Jennings….He was the real deal!!! I set up and produced the story…I was off camera for a few years during this period…I really liked this straight forward,let you know where you stood guy. Johnny Cash’s former room mate during the drugs years…At least in this raw interview you get some sense of the guy….complicated yes…One of my all time favorites in my 30 year Nashville life….Even sat in the movies with he and Jessie at the old Nipper’s corner theatre…

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Young Waylon Jennings - Waylon Jennings interview 80's part one

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  1. I listened to your music since childhood
    And it brings courage and to me to this day I hope to meet you in the unbroken circle in the sky as I continue my favorite song that comes to mind in this time is it's the worlds gone crazy cotillion because of my personal unsaid circumstances … God's got me and this, Again thank you see you in the circlr

  2. America, what a great song. This country is the best, terrible what’s going on today! Some just don’t realize the freedom we got. And it wasn’t free, lots of great men and women sacrificed there lives. God bless America!

  3. I’m glad to see he was a kind, polite, classy, and intelligent man despite his outlaw country status. I know he smoked heavily, but six packs a day? Come on! How can anybody smoke 3 packs a day unless they’re awake for at least 20 hours and have less than 5 minutes in between cigarettes?

  4. I loved Waylon but he was a complete fuck up… Only thing he got right was marrying Jessie… He should have taken care of himself… Note to anyone out there living Waylon's life: QUIT IT!!! It will kill you… F-you, Waylon for fucking up your life… Bob

  5. and so many other good Stars good singers you could tell he was messed up and he knew that he was not going to live a long life sad but true all of the talent they they sort of self self destruct I don't understand why and I guess I'm not supposed to understand it. Lights camera action.

  6. He was not high in this! Read his book. He quit in 84 and this was 85. Just look at pictures of Waylon when he quit, he gradually started looking better and better. He was healing! It takes time to start looking better after years of abuse. Look at him in Austin Sessions 87 and he looked great. Don't judge if you don't know the facts

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